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Golmaal Title Track –


This one really sets the mood of the film, as it is filled with energy and spirit. It is meant to be a counter to and a revamp of the original Golmaal: Fun Unlimited title track. Although, the overall feel of this song does come close to the original version by Vishal-Shekhar, it sure does get your feet tapping. The song begins with a long interlude of music, bringing back the authentic Golmaal tune which everyone is familiar with.


The beat drops to introduce the new version of the song, which stands distinct from t he previous renditions. With Rohit Shetty’s signature sound of cars in the background, its not hard to relate this song with the essence of the Golmaal series. Overall, the song has an uplifting and catchy beat and you can’t help but groove along.


Maine Tujhko Dekha –


Maine Tujhko Dekha is a dreamy and breezy, romance song featuring all the lead actors and Parineeti Chopra. Amaal Mallik adds a much needed fresh twist on the original song from Ishq, Neendh Churayi Meri. The hook of the song is the same as the original version, which catches your ears and makes you sing along almost unconsciously.


Maine Tujhko Dekha, might be based off another song but has its own charm and transition as a completely new and unique song. With Neeraj Shridhar and Sukriti Kakar’s youthful and melodious voice, this song has a peppy and fresh feel to it, which you are just drawn to. Kumaar’s jovial lyrics are supported by a fun-tastic electronic bass. This one definitely gets your shoulders shaking.


Itna Sannata Kyun Hai –


Itna Sannata Kyun Hai is another addition to Golmaal Again’s upbeat, pumped up beats. This dance number was a fusion between three genres of music namely EDM, Hip Hop and trance giving it a very rave-like feel.


Aditi Singh Sharma and Amit Mishra do a tremendous job on the vocals and really help bring the beats to life, specially in the hook of the song with the lyrics “Itna Sannata Kyun Hai??”. The catchy beats of this song urge you to get on the floor and bust out your best moves. Even with its ghastly beginning, this song has an amped up feel that gets you moving. The music score and beats of this song are an undoubted winner and you get hooked for sure!


Hum Nahi Sudhrenge

Hum Nahi Sudhrenge is another catchy number to add to the list of this album’s soundtracks. This one features all the lead actors opening admitting that they are up to no good, and have no plans of changing. This track adds another, fun element to the crux of the movie.


The team of Armaan Mallik and Amaal Mallik complied this ear-catching perky number that focuses on the instrumental aspects, especially drums with an electronic bass. The lyrics have a youthful feel with with powerful vocals by Mallik. This last song is more than another fast paced addition to the album as it really helps highlight the fun-loving and carefree nature of the film.


Overall –

Overall, I would give this album a generous 3/5. Even though it had an overall fun and upbeat feel to it, the music did lack variety and the songs seemed generic. Regardless, they were a good listen and are sure to get you grooving.



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