Ghoomar –

The first of this blockbuster album, is Ghoomar. Ghoomar is Bhansali’s ode to Rajisthani folk music. Sung in traditional Rajasthani vocals with carefully penned lyrics, this song tends to grow on you with time. Voiced by Shreya Ghoshal and legendary Rajasthani folk singer Swaroop Khan, this song takes to you back to the royal Rajput setting of the film, every time. You are inevitably moved to sway on the beats and ‘Ghoomar’ along with the queen. The lyrics by A. M. Turaz are overshadowed by the breath taking music, but yet leave an impact. If nothing else, the hook and the overall unique folk vibe to the song will play in your head for days after you’ve heard it.


Ek Dil Ek Jaan

Voiced by Shivam Pathak and beautifully written by A. M. Turaz, Ek Dil Ek Jaan is the eternal love song we’ve all been longing for. This heartfelt rendition by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is an instant classic. The beautiful melody tugs at your heart strings with its soft and sombre tunes and masterfully penned lyrics. Ek Dil Ek Jaan has Bhansali’s name written all over it, much like the music of Guzaarish, he was credited for. This heartfelt song is an epitome of romance in every way and has the power to stay with you long after the movie is forgotten.

Khalibali –

A complete turn in the film’s soundtrack, Khalibali is the typical energy filled power anthem SLB chooses for Ranveer Singh. This one is considerably aggressive and gives you a sense of the kind of character Alauddin Khilji is. Shivam Pathak returns with his diverse and ever-changing voice, in a completely new avatar. Khalibali carries a distinct and ear-catching Middle East flavour and tone to it. Pathak’s heavy and powerful voice is joined by Shail Hada and together they convey the right impression of love and passion with a hint of violence all the way through the song.


Nainowale Ne –

One of the best songs in this soundtrack, Nainowale Ne is composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself and is definitely a treat to the ears. Neeti Mohan’s serene and sweet voice will make you want to listen to this number on loop. Unlike any of her previous melodies, this one, along with the sombre beats transports you to another time and dimension. Penned by Siddharth – Garima, the lyrics of this soulful track are a delight and quite easy on your ears.


Holi (Manganiyars & Langa’s folk song)

A very traditional and folk rendition of your typical Holi song, that makes you want to get on your feet and celebrate. This Rajasthani folk song sung by Richa Sharma and Shail Hada is the perfect mood setter for the Rajput palace and the festivities that were taking place inside it. The number is also very well adapted to the added instrumental magic making it a welcomed addition to the album.


Binte Dil

Binte Dil is a definite winner from the Bhansali-Arijit combo and by far the best soundtrack in the album. This song seems to bring back the old Arijit Singh we were all mesmerized by. This is one song where he is in all his glory, in contrast to the ample number of songs he sleep-walked through. Singh’s voice is the perfect blend of masculine, Sufi and sombre to give this song the extra edge it needed. Yet again, penned by A. M. Turaz, this will surely find a place in your playlist. The mysterious Sufi beats and tone of the song sets it apart from most of the songs in this day and age and makes it evergreen in our hearts.


Overall –

Overall, I would give this glorious and royal album a well deserved 5/5. Each song had a very integral place in the movie’s plot and played an important role in forming and developing the characters in the film. Each had a different tone and stood out from the previous one.


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