Aaj Se Teri –

This traditional and folk-rich melody immediately tugs at your heart. The intro of the song takes to the scene of a simplistic temple wedding and the sombre beats are just perfect to set the romantic tone of the song. The instrumental backup of this song adds to the traditional and folk genre with the impressive use of Shehnai and Mandolin along other instruments. Aaj Se Teri is penned by Kausar Munir, and is an epitome of the expression of a husband’s love for his wife. The lyrics and beats have a playful interaction between them and are supported perfectly by Arijit Singh’s husky and melodious voice. Amit Trivedi does a tremendous job with the composition of the song and leaves you wanting more by the end.

The Pad Man Song –

The Pad Man Song is the quintessential title song for this movie. The name of the movie paints Akshay Kumar’s character as some sort of superhero “Padman”, the tone and overall energy of this title track simply adds to his heroic charm. Mika Singh’s powerful and sturdy voice furthers the upbeat energy and fun element of the song. The song starts with a soft yet peppy underlying “superhero” repeated again and again highlighting Akshay Kumar’s character. The electronic bass and drums in the background score also effectively support the energy of the song. Overall, this number is a fun listen and leaves you with a heroic feel.


Hu Ba Hu –

Voiced by the talented composer Amit Trivedi himself, this song is another upbeat energetic number. It is strictly functional and guides us listeners along the protagonist’s journey. Hu Ba Hu is supported with a unique electronic soundtrack that takes you back to the dance floor every time. The song has a quirky feel to it and definitely gets you grooving. Kausar’s lyrics in this melody highlight the essence of the movie and help us understand how two very different people can have the same ideologies. The lyrics also hint towards an unrequited love in the film, and hooks us into the plot of the film. Either way, this song is another welcomed addition to the album and keeps us wanting more.


Saale Sapne –

This one is a definite treat for all those Mohit Chauhan fans out there. His husky and mellow voice is the perfect fit for this emotional yet powerful song. Amit Trivedi puts on his master hat once again to create a soft and soothing musical composition, that makes this song one of the best in the album. The pop rock tone of this song makes it an overall enjoyable listen. Kausar’s lyrics set the dreamy and breezy tone of this song as it yet again, takes you on a journey with the characters of the movie. The entire song is a sweet and simple conversation that one has with his dreams, which makes it something each one of us can relate to. The combination of lyrics, with music and vocals is near perfect and makes this song an easy and joyful listen.


Sayaani –

Another situational song, and another great listen. This song is a fusion between desi dhols and instrumental music in the composition, yet again by Amit Trivedi. It has a quirky, upbeat and enjoyable feel to it. The song shoots of with a mix of beats which are definitely quirky but get you up on your feet and ready to hit the dance floor. Beautifully sung by Yashita Sharma, Jonita Gandhi, Yashika Sikka & Rani Kaur, Sayaani gives the girl’s perspective on the festive wedding like occasion. It is upbeat and peppy and has a tingle in it that makes you want more and more in the song. This song is definitely another welcomed addition to the soundtrack and does wonders to enhance it.


Overall –

Overall, I would give the soundtrack of Padman a well-deserved 4/5. The songs in this movie don’t just hide in the background of the movie. They play an integral role in pushing the plot of the movie forward. Each song is a delightful listen individually and as a whole this album keeps you hooked throughout.

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