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With  Amit Trivedi at the helm, the melodies and lyrics on Secret Superstar range from charismatic to vulnerable. It’s music that could possibly age well. You decide.



Main Kaun Hoon


Main Kaun Hoon is a melody about discovering the strength and what really makes you the person you are. Meghna Mishra start this sobre song with a soft yet sharp voice accompanied by perfectly paced guitar riffs. The song has a gradual incline to it, with a hushed mukhda that eases into a powerful and exhilarated track as a whole. The drums in the latter part of the song help emphasize the character’s emotions. In addition, the lyrics have a euphoric feel to them and really help you resonate with Zaira Wasim’s character. Kausar does an impeccable job of highlighting the struggle and path of self-discovery that lies ahead for the protagonist.


Meri Pyaari Ammi 


Meri Pyaari Ammi almost effortlessly yanks at every string in our hearts. This song is written as an ode to all the mothers out there who love their children boundlessly. This particular song composed by Amit Trivedi, has a peppy and upbeat feel to it and a catchy rhythm, which makes you involuntarily sway along. The poetic lyrics by Kausar, are the perfect tool to draw out all our emotions and the urge to immediately hug our moms. Additionally, the serene and sobre melody of instruments that plays in the background makes this song a very easy listen.

Sapna Re 


Accompanied by simply a guitar, Sapna Re brings out Meghna Mishra’s innocent and childlike voice. As simple as this song is, it is very pleasant to the ears. Yet again, Amit Trivedi’s beats make you sway and tap your feet. The sheer innocence of this song takes you back to your childhood days, with a nostalgic feel. The lyrics by Kausar describe Zaira Wasim’s character’s yearning to achieve her dreams, and it sure does make you reflect on your own dreams and wishes.


I’ll miss you 


Much like most of the other songs in this movie, I’ll miss you, too starts with a soft and sobre tune appealing to the emotional side of its audience. The theme and essence of this song does allow it to separate itself from the other soundtracks in this album. This song is an adequate blend of Guajarati lyrics with a few English phrases here and there. With its soft beats and and bubbly lyrics, this song has an over all happy feel to it but it surely doesn’t leave a lasting impression.


Nachdi Phira


Nachdi Phira, has a very similar feel to the other song by Meghna Mishra in the album. Yet again, the song starts off slow highlighting Meghna’s voice and leads into the antra where the beats and instrumental aspect of the song pick up pace. By this point, Amit Trivedi’s composition seems almost monotonous, as all the songs in the album have a similar underlying feel to them. The song takes a while to reach its catchy hook and doesn’t properly deliver in the end. The lyrics have an innocent and sweet meaning behind them and the beats are great, but the overall song doesn’t quite meet your expectations.


Sexy Baliye


Sexy Baliye is the song that makes this entire album stand out. Mika Singh’s melody completely cuts through the monotony that was being set in the album, and gives us something to groove to. This song features Aamir Khan and has a peppy and comical undertone to it. The lyrics and drama in the song don’t have much depth to them unlike some of the other soundtracks in the album but the ‘sexy’ and crazy beats makes up for everything that’s missing. This song is a great and fun addition to the album and really amps up the energy of the music.

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