Akh Kashni Lyrics

Voice:Neha Bhasin,

Artist: Neha Bhasin

Lyrics: Shiv Kumar Batalvi,

Music Director:Sameer Uddin,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Akh Kashni, Neha Bhasin sings about her gorgeous eyes, they look like hazel nuts. She is disturbed because she couldn’t sleep well last night.

This has affected her. When she looked at the mirror, it cracked into pieces. Suggesting that the lack of sleep resulted in her not looking at her ideal best. She looks even more beautiful while combing her hair. 

WORD- Akh- Eye, Sheesha- Mirror, Baal vaundi- Combing hair.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Neha Bhasin sings about a young lady, who recently got married - complaining about her mother-in-law. But all in good humour.

She jokes that her mother-in-law doesn’t seem to like her and is as lifeless as the desert’s “Kikar” tree. The mother-in-law keeps taunting her without any reason. This makes the young lady wonder, what fault has she committed? 

FACT- Kikar is a wild tree, usually found in deserts and plain regions like Punjab.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Now, the young lady speaks about her sister-in-law who seems no less than her mother-in-law. When her sister-in-law goes for a walk, she looks like a buffalo when somebody sees her from afar. 

She finds it funny when she watches her walk. Of course, the newlywed woman is merely joking about her and means no harm.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Finally, she now speaks about her husband, whom she gets to know better over time. She reckons his skin glows in the moonlight, almost like a bowl of milk. He’s a handsome man.

Only one thing about him seems to upset her-  that he is a Mumma’s boy and is easily influenced by others, especially by her mother-in-law. She feels her mother-in-law has spoiled her husband and has influenced his decisions.


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