Awaara Lyrics

Voice:Master Saleem,

Movie: 7 Khoon Maaf

Lyrics: Gulzar,

Music Director:Vishal Bhardwaj, Prod By Sony Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning


The dry leaves floating in the air are vagabonds!

You are ready to take a flight as soon as your feet touch the ground

FACT- This song is a situational one, and talks about how the character in the film never finds true love in spite of marrying 7 times. Her heart keeps wandering time and again, like a vagabond/ gypsy. It talks about human nature. We cannot stay connected or attached to anything for too long, and we desire to keep moving ahead and trying out newer things

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Neither attached to any branch, nor held back by any roots,

You are a gypsy, who keeps on moving ahead like seasons

FACT- Unlike the tree which supports different flora and fauna in and around it, the protagonist in the movie prefers to stay in isolation and move around independently without any support.

Previously in the English language, Vagabonds (gypsies) originally denoted a criminal. Priyanka Chopra too is a criminal who ends up killing her 7 husbands in search for true love

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The gusts of wind help you soar daily,

Now you have broken apart from your branch, and its a thing of the past,

But once you break away from your conscience, your companions desert you;

No one will call you again

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The season, with all its colors, has come and even departed,

But your arms did not open up, you remain discolored,

Just like a dead, dry leaf

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Slowly and steadily, this wind plays games with you;

At times it brings out the sun, and at times, it creates an overcast

At times, it becomes your wings for flight, at times, it keeps you grounded,

It also covers you in dust;

But it does not let you find a place, neither in the air, nor on the ground,

Neither did you find hope, nor assurance anywhere,

You just kept flying


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