Baarish Lyrics

Voice:Ash King, Shashaa Tirupati,

Movie: Half Girlfriend

Lyrics: Arafat Mehmood, Tanishk Bagchi,

Music Director:Tanishk Bagchi, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

By looking at Riya’s face, the protagonist looks for himself. He wonders if she feels the same way he feels for her?

Now she’s always present between his eyes, suggesting that he can’t stop looking at her. Even his dreams don’t find a place now, he’s put life at the backburner for the moment.

WORD- Chehra: Face, Darmiyaan: In between, Khwabon: Dreams.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

This season’s rain, the rain's water, the water's droplets, they all solely look for her. This desire to meet is an old one. 

He always dreamt of conversing with her. And it is only with her besides him, can his story be completed.

WORD- Mausam: Season, Boonde: Droplets, Khwaaish: Desire, Baarish – Rain.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

If he ever gets close to her, he wishes to pass through and lose himself in her breaths. Only then will his heart receive some respite.

A wanderer, with no fixed abode, he wishes to perish in her. And for this, he seeks her permission. There is no one amidst them. It is only the two of them here. So, he wonders why there still exists distances between them?

WORD- Raahat: Relief, Bethikana: Without a permanent abode, Fanaa: To perish in love, Ijaazat: Permission, Faasle: Distances.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He asks the winds for her whereabouts. Suggesting that Riya is a wanderer by nature. Requesting her to make her presence felt from wherever she may be. 

Like the birds that migrate across the vast oceans, his heart is on a journey similar to theirs. Realizing that only Riya could help him find comfort and embrace life. He has only one request, that she comes once and listens to all that his heart has expressed.

WORD- Parinda: Bird, Safar: Journey, Iltija: Request, Dafa – Time.


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