Badi Udaas Hai Vaadi Lyrics


Artist: Gulzar

Lyrics: Gulzar,

Music Director:Saregama Ghazal,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Deeply sad is the Valley

Somebody has constricted its throat with a finger

It breathes, but cannot breathe

Gulzar talks about the valleys of Kashmir where currently, violence and unrest is an everyday scenario. The once joyful valleys are now filled with sorrow. There’s an eerie silence that’s filled up the entire valley- as if someone has placed a finger on somebody’s neck.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The trees grow as if thinking

That the first to raise his head will be beheaded

WORD- Darakht- Trees

Gulzar uses nature as a tool to express his thoughts on the situation in the Kashmir valley. He attributes human characteristics to the trees to describe the valley’s condition. The trees here could possibly symbolize a new born baby. The babies born in these valleys will be exposed to violence and heartbreak early on in their lives.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Lowering its neck, the clouds arrive ashamed

Because the bloodstains refuse to be washed away

Despite the rains, the damage doesn’t disappear. No amount of water can clean the bloodshed that’s present within these valleys. The impact of the violence will last for a very long time and will not be easy to forget at all.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

It seems rich green but the grass isn’t green now

Bullets rained down on these lands which are deserted

Those migratory birds that used to come here

Scared of these wounded winds, they returned back

In line 4, Gulzar talks about the millions of birds that migrate from different parts of the world to Kashmir every winter. Even these birds can sense the unrest in the valley and chose to stay away from the mountainous region. The wounded winds represent the unpredictable and chaotic nature of life.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Deeply sad is this Valley

This Valley is Kashmir

As of September 2016, civil unrest continues to persist in the valley. At least 85 people have been killed and close to 11,500 wounded in the worst conflict in the valley since 2010.


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