Bajre Da Sita Lyrics

Voice:Neha Bhasin,

Artist: Neha Bhasin


Music Director:Sameer Uddin,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bajre Da Sita highlights the sweet and sour bickering between a lady and her lover. The lady says that she can quite effortlessly grind a cob of millet between her palms. 

Her beloved was angry and disappointed, he was about to leave her. But she used her charm to entice him to return.

WORD- Bajra- Millet, Bajre Da Sitta- Cob of millet.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She begins to tease her lover suggesting that he looks like he is walking with a gun on his shoulder. 

He is extremely angry and this woman sarcastically asks him not to hit her too hard as she is very gentle. The girl playfully mocks his anger and short temper. 

WORD- Mode- Shoulder, Bandook – Gun.

FACT- Punjab is well known for the cultivation of Pearl Millet (Bajra). India is the largest producer of the Pearl Millet.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She convinces her lover that they both are perfect for each other, so he shouldn’t get angry and go away from her. 

Only God can understand her condition when he is not with her. Once again, she attempts to calm her lover down who seems disappointed and angry with her.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She has a suggestion- it’s high time he leaves aside his short-tempered nature. Instead of pondering and walking, he should water the sugarcane crops.

He won’t achieve anything if keeps sitting idle and thinks of his parents and good old days. There is no point in simply sitting and remembering all the “prosperous days” when his parents used to work. It is time for him to do the work now. 

WORD- Kamaad- Sugarcane, Besa- Sit, Mau- mother, Peyo- Father.


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