Bakheda Lyrics

Voice:Sukhwinder Singh , Sunidhi Chauhan,

Movie: Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Lyrics: Garima Wahal, Siddharth Singh,

Music Director:Vickey Prasad, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The person without whom one can’t find a moment’s peace. When the days and nights don’t seem to pass, the heart stays in one place.

Love revolves around like the wheels of the cycle. Whoever attempts to dance with this whirlwind emotion, ends up feeling dizzy. 

WORD – Chain – Peace, Rain- Night, Pahiye – Wheels, Jhumein – Dance.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The path of love is filled with twists and turns. In this world, nothing causes more chaos than love. 

WORD – Preet – Love, Bakheda – Chaos/Problem.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She tricked his heart in such a way that now she’s now a topic of conversation whenever he speaks. She’s ready to tie a knot in his name – a possible reference to marrying him. 

The dreams woven by them are now ready to take flight across the sky. They’re ready to fight for their dreams like soldiers.

WORD- Thagi – Trick, Phande – Knot, Bune – Weave, Tohpe – Military paratroopers trained to be dropped from a plane with a parachute.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Numerous griefs emerge from a single, small conversation. Such is love. In this world, nothing causes more chaos than love.

WORD – Bahtera – Many, Bakheda – Chaos/Problem.


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