Baras Ja Lyrics

Voice:Mohit Chauhan,

Movie: Simran

Lyrics: Priya Saraiya,

Music Director:Sachin, Jigar, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Baras Ja is a tribute to the glorious rainfalls. Simran is eager for the rains to finally arrive and drench her completely. 

WORD – Baras – Rain, Bhigo – Drench.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The rain droplets that are within her eyes, she hopes they flow down to her cheeks as much as possible. Simran eagerly waits for the rain to arrive and drench her completely. 

WORD – Boondein – Droplets, Rukhsaar – Cheeks, Jee Bhar – As much as possible.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The sands across the sea shore, they have imprints of her feet on them. Upon touching them, they disappeared. They embraced the waves and flowed away into the distance. 

WORD – Kinaaron – Sea Shore, Ret – Sand, Beh – Flow.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Lyricist, Priya Saraiya describes the waves on this verse. They flow extremely slowly across the oceans and stop merely for a second on the shore. 

Simran hopes these waves stay for a little while. If not, she wishes to plunge herself into them and enjoy the moment. 

WORD – Dheema – Slowly, Lehar – Waves, Thehar -Stay.


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