Nazm Nazm Lyrics


Movie: Bareilly Ki Barfi

Lyrics: Arko,

Music Director:Arko, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

“Like poetry on one’s lips, you could stay with me. Like a dream within one’s eyes, I hope to live with you.”

“Like love, you could come rest within my soul. I’d run in the direction where I can hear the melodic Shenayi playing.”

WORD – Nazm – Poetry, Thehar – Rest, Rooh – Soul, Shenayi – Musical instrument used during weddings. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Let’s hold hands and make a promise to each other, from now on you’re the only person I wish for, my intentions solely lie with you. 

You could call out my name like four lines of poetry. You’ve brought along the monsoon rains right behind you.

WORD- Vaada – Promise, Aarzu – Wish, Iraada – Intention, Rubayi – Four lines of poery.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Come close and submerge yourself in the breaths. When I’m around you, I feel self-sufficient and stop caring about worldly desires. I only ask for your presence from you. 

WORD – Saanson – Breath, Fakeer – A person who is self-sufficient and isn’t attached to worldly desires, Qurbat – Close.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I have nothing to hide, my heart is like an open envelope with your letter in it. How did a worthless guy like me, get to meet you? Only destiny knows. Only the heavens know. 

WORD – Lifafe – Envelope, Khat – Letter, Nacheez – Worthless, Kismat – Destiny, Jannat – Heaven.


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