Beech Beech Mein Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Singh, Shalmali Kholgade and Shefali Alvares,

Movie: Jab Harry Met Sejal

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil,

Music Director:Pritam, Sony Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Every now and then, our story, this romantic tale feels mouth-watering. Every now and then, I manage to hum the same tune that’s on your mind. 

WORD- Afsana – Story/Romantic tale, Chatkhaare – Mouth-watering, Sur – Melody.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Now our breaths feel heavy and fiery like the flames. Let’s take turns to enjoy this moment. Sejal reckons that their status of being bachelors will eventually change. 

WORD- Shola – Flames, Bhaari – Heavy, Baari – Turn, Kanwaare – Bachelor/Single.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

This journey of theirs take’s place on earth. Yet the sky above keeps on moving. Suggesting that time stops for nobody. 

Harry wonders if this story between them will be left unsaid despite the both of them acknowledging it?

WORD- Safar – Journey, Bayan – Declaration.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

They make a fool of themselves in strange unknown places. But if not here, where else can they do this? 

In places like these, leisurely moments are always in a hurry to pass by. Once again lyricist, Irshad Kamil refers to how time flies when one is immersed in joy.

WORD- Begaani – Strange, Nadaani – Foolishness, Pal -Moment.

FACT – Parts of the movie were shot in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Its origins can be dated back to the 4th century BC. The word Prague means Crossing, because of the Vltava river that passes through the city.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Harry has discovered only half of who Sejal really is. The happy go lucky side. He wonders about her other half? her clever side which she hasn’t expressed yet. 

She asks him to be his true self and express his anger every now and then. Hoping to get to know him better. 

WORD – Chalaki – Clever, Karaare – Fierce.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Every now and then, passion arises between them. They fire shots with their eyes – a reference to how they at times, express themselves without words.

Their hearts tell them to move ahead. At times, they feel really close to each other. And at times, they’re distant. 

WORD – Armaan – Passion, Nishaane – Aim, Daage – Fire shots.


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