Bujh Gaya Tha Kyun Diya Lyrics

Voice:Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal,

Artist: Tagore and Gulzar

Lyrics: Rabindranath Tagore, Gulzar,

Music Director:Shantanu Moitra, Saregama GenY,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Gulzar marvels at the silent questions that Rabindranath Tagore asks life. This feeling is weak. Wherever one attempts to supress life, beyond its capacity, life eventually lost its breath at all those places.

WORD- Ehsaas – Feeling, Daman – Supression, Gunjaayish – Capacity.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bujh Gaya Tha Kyun Diya poignantly talks about how, when we stretch a feeling too much, we destroy it or it ends up destroying itself

Why did a certain lamp extinguish? To which he answers that it was because he tried too hard to save it. He stayed up all night to make sure it wouldn’t die down, but it ended up doing so itself.

WORD- Bujh Gaya: Extinguished, Zyaada: Much, Bachaya: Saved, Milan – Union, Raat – Night.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He in return asks her why certain flowers withered away? And she tells him that in the restlessness brought about by love, she pressed them into her chest while sleeping, so they ended up withering. 

The flowers represent the emotions of love. Suggesting that she refused to express her feeling and always kept it to herself.

WORD- Murjha: Withered, Bechainiyon: Restlessness, Seene: Chest, Daba: Press.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She questions him why did the river dry up? And he says it was because he tried to embank it for his own needs, so that he could have it forever, but it ended up drying. Suggesting that being selfish led to the end of their relationship.

WORD- Sookhi: Dried, Baandh: Embankment, Zaroorat: Need.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Why did the wire of the musical instrument crack? She says it is because it was stretched beyond its limits to create better melodies, and it ended up cracking. 

Suggesting that they went beyond their limits to save this relationship but it ended up harming them.

WORD- Taar: Wire, Chatkha: Cracked, Sajh: Musical instrument, Had: Limit, Khinch: Pull.


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