Chadta Suraj Lyrics

Voice:KK & Sabri brothers,

Movie: Coke Studio

Lyrics: Original poem by Aziz Nazan,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The once mighty are now lost,

The ground has consumed the youngsters

TRIVIA- Sabri Brothers are known for being the 1st advocates of Qawwali and are credited for making its presence felt in the Western world. The brothers have performed at various royal gatherings in New York, Canada and all across Europe

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The ones, who take their youth for granted, will regret tomorrow,

The rising sun sets slowly,

The rising sun will set slowly,

It will eventually set

Some real deep lyrics by singer K.K. He talks about the importance of making the best use of your youthful days. Since these are the days when we are at our creative best. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

These golden words by the legendary artist Pablo Picasso carry significance that spans across generations. The fact is in today’s day and age monotony at workplace, college, school is part and parcel of life. Many of us end up doing the same mundane tasks day-in-and-day-out without realizing that in this process, we are killing the child in us

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You are a traveler in this illusion

And your life is short, made up of a few fleeting moments

Money, ego, house, jewellery, you will not be able to take anything

You are born empty-handed and will die empty-handed

You know this and yet you are ignoring it O fool

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You seem to be wasting away your life

You are lost in the vastness of this world,

You have forgotten God because of your ego,

It is always the case; the one who has, is the one who loses

The Sabri brothers talk about why it’s important to put your ego to the side. You will then realize that your perceptions of life are always incomplete. This realization will eventually provide you the freedom to view life in its entirety. You will eventually have more useful ways of looking at the world

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The one who has understood life cries over wasted chances

You seem to be lost in your trivial problems

What’s life? No one really knows for sure

The world will eventually perish, but you seem to trust the uncertain future

Why do you love this world that will eventually end?

TRIVIA- to put into perspective, consider life to be like toilet paper. You’re either on a roll or you’re taking shit from someone out there- Anonymous

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Understand this today; you will not get this opportunity again,

Sleeping in your own world,you will be let down

TRIVIA- The word- GAFLAT means lazy/lethargic


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