Chan Mahi Lyrics

Voice:Neha Bhasin,

Artist: Neha Bhasin


Music Director:Sameer Uddin, 5am audio,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Chan Mahi, the young woman hopes that her beloved doesn’t depart. If he’s on his way to the town of Ambala, he should know that the young woman over there are extremely gorgeous. 

So, she’s a bit worried.  But the same can’t be said about the young men, who aren’t as good looking as the women. Which she says with a light hearted tone.

WORD- Chan Mahi- Dear Lover/ Sweetheart, Ranna – Young women, Gabru – Young men.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Hoping to convince him to stay, she tells him that the people there can’t write at all. Urging him to sit beside her for a while. 

She likes his company and his words are music to her ears. Every time he speaks, the conversations seem sweet to her.

WORD- Mithde- Sweet, Bol- Conversations.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She yearns for his company and requests him to be with her in this moment. They're having a great time. Separation from him seems awful to her and she considers it unfair. 

WORD- Manda- Unfair, Vichoda- Separation, Sajna- Lover.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

This man is a traveller and wishes to travel to Calcutta. But she attempts to jokingly portray that something isn’t right about that place. Which in reality isn’t true. 

She reckons, he wouldn’t experience variety and good food there. Stating that, the men in that city are lazy who keep eating and the women keep looking at them in despair. She doesn’t want him to become like that.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The most famous verse found in most renditions.  She asks him to get silky threads and handkerchiefs from Patiala, if he plans to go there. 

Also, she would prefer the threads to be in black and white. This is a subtle message stating that if he goes away he will have to get her gifts, which will lead to unnecessary spending. So, it’s better that he stays right here.

WORD- Reshmi- Silky, Chitte- White.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her funny reasons for keeping him beside her continues.  She describes how Multan is known for its wrestlers, and it is commonly said that they are so strong that they can kill anyone with just one blow. 

She doesn’t want her beloved to visit such a dangerous place and put himself any kind of risk, she fears of his well- being. 

FACT- Multan is home to some historic wrestlers. Chief among them, Zamman Khan Pehlwan


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