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Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Chatrang, Emiway brings back his wicked flow for the listeners. He has a message for those who have a problem with him- say whatever you have to say about him in front of him. Some bark like dogs and talk down on him. 

But he knows that these things cannot stop him. Emiway doesn’t give a damn about those who are spreading negative rumours about him.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Emiway describes the numerous types of flows in his armoury.  His flows change direction like the way you turn a cloth around your head. There are certain people who envy his rhyme skills. But he has the public who support him.  While the other guys have nothing to show for.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Emiway challenges anyone who believes that they can rap. But he has no time for those who only dress up like rappers wearing long shirts and a snapback. He’ll make a mockery out of you and hang your picture on your wall- like a world map. 

He wishes someone made an app that could expose all the weak rappers out there. Because he doesn’t believe in mediocrity.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Emiway points out that the jobless youth talk rubbish instead of focusing on doing well in life. These kids act as if no one is above them. But when you ask them about their future goals in life, they have no answer. Emiway tells these arrogant kids this isn’t the place to do it. You can take your antics back home.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Emiway drops some conscious bars on this verse. He talks about how every person should work as if their life is dependent on it. Make a name for yourself by working hard so that in the future, by merely mentioning your name, work gets done. But you need to be wise in order to accomplish greatness.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Money makes the world go around but Emiway also knows its negative impact. It brings shame if not handled well. When the cops catch you, you can get away by simply paying a 100 bucks. But this bribe has tarnished the reputation of the Mumbai police.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

People still get married to receive gifts. We live in modern times but ancient practices still continue. Emiway points out that everyone wants to earn money really quick. That’s the reason why the kids go to school. 

Nothing in this world is free and Emiway agrees. Even air is sold at bicycle shops. TRIVIA- At some shops in Mumbai, you might have to pay 1-2 rupees to fill air in your bicycle.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Emiway tells you to remain ready because he’s going to switch up his flow on this verse. Anyone who talks behind his back, deserves a hit on his back. He warns you that your best friend might be flirting with your girl. He might be calling her sister in law but then makes your girl his own. 

TRIVIA- On this verse, Emiway spits 45 words in 12 seconds. That’s an average of almost 4 words per second.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Emiway ends Chatrang with an inspiring message for his listeners. He asks you to grab every opportunity and move forward. You will find 100 hurdles on the way but you cannot stop. These hurdles must inspire you to grind even harder.

He questions those who have a problem with his songs. You should be worried about yourself and not him. Rather than stressing over why Qatappa killed Bahubali? – a question which was trending on social media when Baahubali – the movie released in India.



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