Colaba Lyrics

Voice:Namit Das,

Movie: Sulemaani Keeda

Lyrics: Namit Das,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I taste the aroma on my tongue

I listen to the pulse of the flowing water (rawaan = flowing water)

This moment is magical

I slowly immerse myself within this ignorant atmosphere

TRIVIA- The movie chronicles the life of two script writers who wish to make it big in Bollywood. This track talks about the area of Colaba, Mumbai and the energy associated with it. Good food, an ocean nearby and interesting, eclectic people best describe Colaba

Dohaz lyrics meaning

My voice has touched the voices

Those who say that love is blind

It is blind and this all is a facade

But this girl only sees the openness in the earth and the sky

TRIVIA- Only 10 people were involved in the entire making of the film. The title of the movie, “Sulemani Keeda” literally means “a pain in the ass”


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