Daag Lyrics

Voice:Sukhwinder Singh,

Movie: Bhoomi

Lyrics: Priya Saraiya,

Music Director:Sachin Jigar, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Having flown once, these tears have now flown a hundred times. My eyes have now dried up. 

WORD – Bahe – Flow, Sookh – Dry

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Flowing infinitely, now these tears flow through my veins too. These eyes are now angry and disappointed. 

My dreams were burnt right in front of my eyes. That deep pain which ended up burning my soul. Your scar never fails to disappear. 

WORD – Rajj – Infinite, Rag – Veins, Rooth – Angry, Rooh – Soul, Daag – Scar.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Those lanes that lead to the courtyard and the mud which brings back those unforgettable memories. 

WORD – Chaubaaron – Courtyard, Mitti – Soil/Mud.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Often my eyes begin to speak to these memorable pictures. I hope the flowing waves within my eyes find an abode to rest. 

I hope these paper boats could float across to the other side. But the heart is once again petrified about the incoming rains. 

WORD – Thikana – Abode/Shelter, Kaagaz Kashtiyan – Paper boats, Paar – Across, Saawan – Rains.


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