Disco Disco Song Lyrics

Voice:Benny Dayal, Shirley Setia,

Movie: A Gentleman

Lyrics: VAYU,

Music Director:Sachin, Jigar, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Disco Disco pays tribute to the Disco genre of dance music. Kavya is described as a fancy woman who dances like a storm. She attempts every single dance move. 

WORD – Thumka – Dance move, Aazmaaye – Attempt, Shava – An expression for Joy. 

FACT – The Disco genre of music originated in the nightclubs of Paris, France in the 1940’s. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Kavya grabs everyone’s attention like an alarm, there isn’t a moment of peace. She wakes up all the dead spirits in the nightclub with her moves. 

Today, they’re in the mood to shake up the dancefloor. When the infectious beat drops, Gaurav will have no choice but to dance with Kavya. They’re going to dance all night long.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Kavya has a message for Gaurav – “Today they shouldn’t hold back. They must own the dancefloor and she wishes to know how good he is at dancing. 

What’s the point of keeping your feelings hidden in your heart? They ought to dance like no one’s watching.”

Dohaz lyrics meaning

There are passionate and people with a great sense of fashion at this nightclub. All of them wish to make a great impression. 

Gaurav is in the mood to dance freely today and he hopes to make everyone dance to this tune. Nobody will be spared from dancing. Dance like you’re floating in the air, don’t touch the floor.

FACT – The Disco ball symbolic of the Disco genre of music originated in the 1920’s. People began using it as a decorative piece even before the birth of this genre. 


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