Do Dilon Ke Lyrics


Movie: Partition 1947


Music Director:AR Rahman, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The region between two hearts, at least drop the boundaries that exists between them. Across the chest of these vast oceans, you’re free to build walls.

WORD- Dayaare – Region, Sarhade – Boundaries, Seene – Chest.

Do Dilon Ke describes the passion and barriers that exist between two lovers, as the people around them come to grips with the geographical change that transpires during the Indian independence movement.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The paths of love now seem lost. In this moment of hopelessness, the protagonist expresses his sentiments – 

“Using sand from these roofs that fall apart, you could make a palace for yourself. The place where thousands of wounds have been buried, you should cover them up with sheets.”

WORD- Ret – Sand, Dafan – Burial, Zakhm – Wound, Chaadar – Sheet.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You can try and harvest crops during the salty monsoons. Create two countries from the existence of one. 

WORD- Khaari – Salt, Fasal – Harvest, Hastiyon – Existence.

FACT- Salty water is detrimental to the growth of crops. Lyricist, Navneet uses this as a metaphor to suggest that attempting to create something under unfavourable conditions might not work well.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Divide these birds and divide the winds that they fly across in as well. Take 1/3 of these sunrays and let’s equally distribute the stars among ourselves. 

WORD- Parinde – Birds, Ek Tiyahi – 1/3, Sitare – Stars.

FACT – The lyricist attempts to put the separation of two countries into perspective. Suggesting that we ought to take inspiration from nature. Example – The Sun doesn’t divide itself. It’s powerful and beautiful as one entity.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Taking steps across these tall lines (boarders), where am I supposed to walk towards? Why does the land feel like its shrinking? Where can I possibly spread my arms wide open?

WORD – Lakeeron – Lines, Kadam – Steps, Baahein – Arms.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Someone please erase these maps which have cracks in them. This is a journey that will last for just four days, come along with me. Both the protagonists express their situation.

WORD – Dararon – Cracks, Naqshe – Map.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The sadness that exists between us, I hope they’re partitioned. I hope these tears are divided and the smiles double. The paths of love now seem lost.

WORD – Ghum – Sadness, Batware – Partition, Ashq – Tears, Muskaane – Smiles, Dohri - Double.


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