Ek Jindari Lyrics

Voice:Taniskaa Sanghvi,

Movie: Hindi Medium

Lyrics: Kumaar,

Music Director:Sachin Jigar, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ek Jindari is the words of a child to the world about his/her ambitions. The little child dreams of spreading light in the world just like the sun does. 

Her little doting eyes dream of reaching great heights, success and she hopes to soar high in the sky and shine like the sun. 

WORD- Ambaraan- Sky

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Kids who are dreamy like her will come together just like small droplets of water to form a big stream. 

Their ideas and thoughts will flow across the world like an ocean. Such are her ambitions that she wishes to travel everywhere in the world like the rivers do.

WORD- Samandraan- Sea/River.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

No matter where they stand today and whatever their position may be today, they will achieve success no matter what.

She is stubborn and passionate at the same time to achieve success and nobody should undermine or underestimate her. This little girl always listens to her heart.

WORD- Aithe- Here, Parey- Somewhere away, Junoon- Passion.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She has just one life and lot of things to do, many wishes and a hundred desires. She will slowly but gradually fulfil all her dreams one by one. 

No one can stop her from doing that. None of the difficulties will deter her from dreaming big.

WORD- Jindari- Life, Khwahishan- Dreams, Mushkil-Difficult.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Just like how small cities and streets develop into full blooming cities, children of her age too will become big and bloom successfully someday. 

Even if they seem small, they will spread their fragrance onto this world just like the flowers. Though they are from the streets and stand no chance as of now but some day gradually people will recognise their worth.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The times are dark right now, the bright lights of Diwali night seem far away, her eyes and soul search for the light. 

She is hopeful just like the bird in the cage, one day she shall free herself from the dark times. Her hope is intact and she won’t lose ever. Eventually, she will win on this journey of life, no matter what the world does. 

WORD- Deeve- Lamps, Ghosla- Nest, Panchhi- Bird, Umeed- Hope.


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