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Dohaz lyrics meaning

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TRIVIA- The origins of the term- “Mother Nature” stem from Greek mythology. Gaia, known as Mother Earth or Mother Nature, was the primal Goddess of ancient Greek mythology. The earth carries us all in a way that is similar to a kids reliance on his/her mother

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The common man is confused, the farmer worried

How does one give food to the society?

Conversations keep flowing but how does one talk without rain?

A storm is about to come, no one pays attention

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Factories work morning to night

They let out smoke into the air

The sky itself does not like its story anymore

Polluted air seems colorful

Man today does not understand his own needs

TRIVIA- As of 2015, India has 13 of the worlds 25 most polluted cities

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Everyone is individualistic

A cutter of ones own bark

A hole in ones own plate

Let the future go to hell

Abuse it

Who wants to think about tomorrow, lets be festive today

TRIVIA- Raftaar refers to Sheikh Chilli ,a comic character from India, loosely based on Sheikh Chehli, an Iranian-born Sufi saint who was an advisor to the Mughal prince Dara Shikoh. He was considered to be a daydreamer who believed he could get rich simply by selling golden eggs

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Sometime ago nature brought destruction

It is forever unhappy, found bodies near shores

The leaping ocean can be worrisome

What is the point of crying now, it’s our fault

Let us mend errors, call upon everyone

Time is of essence

The mistakes we commit together are big

This earth is our mother, dont kill your own mother

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Leave your degrees at home

If you are educated do something

Put your name up for a bit of struggle

Everyone, plant a tree at least

Let go of plastic bags completely

DO it yourself, not much might happen if you hash tag things

Hash tag things when you do something yourself

Put your trees picture on whatsapp

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The climate is changing

The environment is crying

Water levels are rising

Its losing control

Come let us find a solution everyone

Our children need a better tomorrow

TRIVIA- Raftaar can rap in six different languages - Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Malayalam, Marathi and English. In one of his standout tracks, “swag mera desi”, In the verse that begins at 2.30, Raftaar raps 64 words in 11 seconds— an average of six words per second


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