Glorious Gallan Lyrics

Voice:Diljit Dosanjh,

Movie: Super Singh

Lyrics: Ranbir Singh,

Music Director:Jatinder Shah , Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The silver earrings that she wears kiss her cheeks. She winks on purpose which make her cheeks go red and she blushes. Super Singh is in awe.

WORD- Baaliya-  Earrings, Gallan- Cheeks.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Such is her beauty that people in his hometown have started talking about her all the time. Boys back home keep discussing about her glorious cheeks. It's now the talk of the town.

WORD- Munde- Boys, Charcha- Discussion, Glorious Gallan – Glorious Cheeks.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh is crazy about her and is amazed by her beautiful brown hair, which she always maintains with great care. 

WORD- Shadai- Crazy, Takk- Look.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Having poured his heart out, Singh now wishes to know what she thinks about him? His doors and windows are always open.

Suggesting that she can talk to him about anything. Singh hopes she agrees to this one thing, since he’s always agreed to whatever she says. 

WORD- Baariyan- door and windows.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He asks her to be with him forever, arms in arms. They both are meant for each other. If any other guy asks her out, Singh says she should create excuses, knowing very well that there are numerous men attempting to woo her.

WORD- Laare- Excuses, Jhalla- Crazy.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh finds it difficult when she’s away from him. His heart beats only and only for her. It skips a beat whenever she walks past him or swings her waist. 

WORD- Lakk – Waist.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh wishes to gift this woman a beautiful bracelet. A heart shaped locket attached to it. He envisions them walking side by side, as everyone around is mesmerized by their chemistry.

He urges her to make up her mind and say yes. Singh is eager to take the nuptial rounds of marriage. Assuring her that he would be with her forever, hand in hand.

WORD- Laawan- Nuptial rounds of marriage around the holy fire or the holy book of Sikhs


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