Gora Gora Rang Lyrics

Voice:Deep Money,

Artist: Deep Money

Lyrics: Dhruv Yogi,

Music Director:ShowKidd, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Gora Gora Rang, Deep Money is mesmerised by this woman who belongs to a foreign land. Her golden complexion captures his attention. 

He reckons she is extremely fit and is in awe of her physique, especially her slim waist. Deep wants her to be with him, spend time with him. He doesn’t like the way she always shies away from him at times.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Whenever he’s not with this woman, his heart yearns for her presence and his eyes wait to catch a glimpse of her. Deep Money is unaffected by all the other beautiful girls around and only wishes to see her and be in her company.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

It looks like Deep Money has found his dream girl. He requests her to be with him and reckons it is unfair on her part to kill him with her drop dead gorgeous looks. He seems to lose himself in her beautiful eyes.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Deep Money asks her not to make him wait so much, she shouldn’t tease him like that. He doesn’t seem to like, how she always looks away whenever they meet. She seems shy.

When he extends his hand towards her she always draws back. She doesn’t trust him yet. Deep realises that she likes him too but doesn’t understand why she plays hard to get.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her exquisite charm makes him go crazy and makes him fall for her all over again. His heart always yearns to meet her. Deep requests this woman to teach him how to love. He realizes she probably knows a lot about love and passion.


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