Haseeno Ka Deewana Lyrics

Voice:Raftaar, Payal Dev,

Movie: Kaabil

Lyrics: Anjaan and Kumaar,

Music Director:Rajesh Roshan, Gourov, Roshin, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On “Haseeno Ka Dewaana” the woman says that some men are fond of her while some are intoxicated by her beauty. People refer to her as a fountain of youth and she has admirers everywhere.

WORD - Shauq - Fondness, Nasha - Intoxicated, Jawaani – Youth

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Some find her desirable while some have their hearts stolen by her. People pray to God in order to win her over.

Despite the whole world being smitten by pretty ladies, everyone considers being in love as something that’s sinful.

WORD – Hasratein – Desires, Dilruba – One who steals hearts, Zamaana – World, Haseeno – Beautiful Women.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Raftaar agrees with her views on Love. He compares her to a dynamite that’s about to blow. Fellow men fight over this girl in the streets and on daily basis.

Everyone pleads with her to spend some time. They reckon being in love isn’t a crime. Raftaar senses this woman gets more attractive each day. Like a wine that tastes better as it ages.

The public wants an answer from her. They want to know when she will eventually fall in love because, all of them have dreams of winning her trust and Raftaar is standing in the same queue.

WORD – Janta – Public, Kataar – Queue

Dohaz lyrics meaning

But she is in no hurry to fall in love. She questions those who ask her to fall for someone right away and build a trustworthy relationship. A relationship that never ends. 

WORD – Aitbaar – Trust. Khatam- End.

FACT- The song from Kaabil is a remake of the famous track from the 1981 movie titled- Yaarana. Amitabh Bachchan featured in that track in which he wore a suit that had over 100 lightbulbs. The switch for which was in his hands all the time. 


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