Hawa Vich Lyrics

Voice:Diljit Dosanjh, Sunidhi Chauhan,

Movie: Super Singh

Lyrics: Ranbir Singh,

Music Director:Jatinder Shah , Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Hawa Vich is a conversation between Super Singh and his lover. The woman feels as if she is on cloud nine and it is only because of his love for her. 

In this case, it is meant in a metaphorical and a literal sense. Singh has superpowers because of which, he can help her fly.

WORD- Haaniya- Beloved, Hawa Wich – In the air/ On cloud nine.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh wants his beloved to fly high with him and wishes to be the reason for her joy. He requests her to not leave him and hopes they remain together forever. 

WORD- Balliye- Beloved, Chhadi- Leave.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh expresses that his eyes can’t wait to see her, they keep requesting her for a glance and his heart wishes the same. His eyes get restless when they don’t see her and his heart screams “love you” all the time. 

WORD- Sifarishan- Request, Arziyan- Appeal, Babb ju- Love u

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Thoughts about her engulf his mind day and night. She gives him relief. Thoughts about her become a source of respite when they aren’t together. Never before has Singh felt a feeling like this. It feels like a cool breeze.

WORD- Khayal – Thoughts, Thand - Relief.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Having spent considerable time with her, Singh is sure that he wants to marry this woman who he reckons is as sweet as chocolate. He can’t wait until they are together forever, officially.

WORD- Aapan- We, Cheti- Soon, Vyohna- Marry.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She has no objection in marrying him, and immediately agrees to his proposal. Asking him not to worry as she will be with him through thick and thin. So, Singh need not stress about this relationship.

WORD- Razamandi –Agreement, Sohneya- Lover

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She has been waiting for this day since a long time. Miss Twinkle is elated and considers herself lucky that Singh has chosen her. 

She wishes to drink some soft drinks with Singh and relax. Hoping to fulfil all her dreams and desires, with him by his side.

FACT- Goli ( line 4 ) is a lemon soft drink, popular across North India. It was sold from way back in the 19th century, before the other carbonated drinks were introduced to India.

WORD- Taqdeer/ bhag- Fate, Chah- Wishes, Pugone- Complete.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She dreams of living her life with him and dreams that one day, she would rush to the rooftop to bid her lover, Super Singh goodbye when he leaves for work. Watching him fly away into the distance.

WORD- Bhaj- Run, Banera- Rooftop.


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