Ho Gaya Talli Lyrics

Voice:Diljit Dosanjh,

Movie: Super Singh

Lyrics: Ranbir Singh,

Music Director:Jatinder Shah , Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Super Singh is drunk. Right now, he has his eyes only on one girl, who is dancing in the club. He is attracted to this particular girl. 

WORD- Talli – Drunk.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Having had too much to drink, the boy is extremely intoxicated. He’s dancing carefree on the dance floor and everyone’s trying to match his unique moves. Doing the Bhangra is something that he considers mandatory. 

WORD- Laazmi- Mandatory, Munda - Boy

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The woman whose caught his attention wears a blue top which compliments her flawless skin. Her eyes are a beautiful and deep black, which he reckons is extremely dope.

He asks her to stop merely staring at him, as that does no good. Rather, Singh wishes to sit with her and have some romantic conversations.

WORD- Niriyan black- Deep black, Takkan- Stare

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Further, Singh says that he has travelled from down town in the scorching heat of the afternoon, just to meet her and talk. 

WORD- Att di dopahar- Scorching heat in the afternoon.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh wants to give the girl, a ring with a blue diamond, which looks like the gorgeous sky up above.  His gifts would convey his feelings of love for her. 

But, he wishes to woo this girl without cheating and without being dubious. Suggesting that he wants to completely win her trust.

WORD- Mundri- Ring, Heera- Diamond, Asmaani- Blue as the sky, Tofeyan- Gifts.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Now he requests her to dance with him. Singh is confident that people will be astonished when they see them dance together. 

He reckons they have good chemistry. He also wants the DJ to turn up the bass, just the way she likes her music.

WORD- Akhan- Say, Vadhave- Increase.


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