Humein Kash Tumse Mohabbat Lyrics

Voice:Lata Mangeshkar,

Movie: Mughal-e-Azam

Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni,

Music Director:Naushad,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On “Humen Kash Tumse Mohabbat Na Hoti,” Anarkali, a courtesan, conveys her feelings about the relationship between her and Salim, the son of a Mughal Emperor.

Anarkali is grief-stricken. She wishes that she would never have fallen in love with Salim, her stories would have never come to reality. 

Neither would she have given her heart to Salim, nor would she have been this helpless. She wouldn’t have been constrained to follow the conventions of the world. Doomsday would have never arrived before it was supposed to.

WORD – Mohobbat – Love, Haqeeqat – Reality, Majboor – Helpless, Dastoor – Ways of the world,  Qayamat – Doomsday.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Anarkali admits her fault to have overstepped the limits. She had gone too far in love. She was awakened when the whole world crashed into her. She won’t be astonished if she was dead and wishes she had never fallen in love with Salim.

WORD- Hairat- Surprised.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

If Salim himself would have blown away her home, Love would consider it to be a favour. Anarkali wouldn’t have any accusations against the world, if she hadn’t been in love with Salim. 

Their fictional anecdote wouldn’t have changed into reality if Anarkali wouldn’t have given in to such a temptation.

WORD – Nashemann – Nest/Home, Ehsaan – Favour, Shikayat – Complaint


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