Husna Lyrics

Voice:Piyush Mishra,

Movie: Coke Studio

Lyrics: Piyush Mishra,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I felt as if I have reached the subdivision of the first district of Lahore,

I felt as if I have reached the 4th apartment in the 2nd lane of Resham Street,

And I reached Pakistan, the place that people refer to as “another country”nowadays

I am writing to you from India, I hope this letter reaches you dear Husna

FACT- Husna (beautiful) is a song composed and written by the multifaceted Piyush Mishra. The song talks about the pains of a lover called Javed who is separated from his partner Husna because India and Pakistan are now divided.

In a bitter sarcastic manner, he inquires whether partition has changed the course of nature on either side or is it the same as it was before? He reminisces a time when all religions lived in harmony in the same state

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Here I sit lost in reminiscence and old memories my dear Husna,

I count every memory; pick out every moment that has passed,

I am forever lost in the story of our olden times

TRIVIA- In context with the reference to “memory” by the poet in this verse, if you ever want to be remembered by a women, speak in a low pitched voice. According to studies by University of Aberdeen (Scotland), women remember men with a soft low voice

Dohaz lyrics meaning

As the season of autumn sets in India,

It brings back those times and remembrances;

When dusk appears in India, I am reminded of you

TRIVIA- In poetry, the season of” autumn” has generally been associated with sadness. As summers come to an end and the cold winter is around the corner, the skies turn dark grey. Lyricist, Piyush Mishra paints a vivid yet gloomy picture with his words

Dohaz lyrics meaning

O dear Husna, can you tell me if these things happen in Pakistan too?

You have been living like a small pigeon that has lost its way, dear Husna

TRIVIA- Pigeons use sound waves to mentally draw an acoustic map of their route and navigate back home by making use of these sound waves. Similarly, it’s interesting that the singer uses music and sounds to help his lover find her way back home. Hence the reference to pigeons

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Do the leaves fall from the trees during autumn in Pakistan like they do in India?

Does the sun rise in Pakistan the same way it does in India, my Husna?

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Those tales of Heer-Ranjha, Still haunt me;

The distant shadowy memories of the verses of Saint Bulleh Shah,

The gifts of Eid, and the long calls of muezzin and his prayers,

The delicacies of the festival are still fresh in my mind

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The well lit lamps of Diwali, The dark clouds above during the festival of Baisakhi,

The fire of the woods from the pyre that we lit together during Holi,

The smoke from the Lodhi in which we warmed our hearts together,

Husna, Does the smoke rise

from the Lodhi the way it did during our times?

TRIVIA- The poet references several Indian festivals in this verse. India is home to a large number of festivals. This has a downside too. With so many festivals lined up throughout the year, the number of holidays has sky rocketed. This has negatively affected economic activities in the country.

A new system has been developed. Individuals can choose only 8 restricted holidays to celebrate, irrespective of his/her religion or caste