In Aankhon Ki Masti Lyrics

Voice:Asha Bhosle,

Movie: Umrao Jaan

Lyrics: Shahryar,

Music Director:Khayyam,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

In Aankhon Ki Masti is from the perspective of a woman who receives lot of attention. But, her heart belongs to solely one person, and it is to him that she pours her heart out.

There are thousands of men who wish to drown in the intoxication of her eyes. There are a thousand tales connected to these eyes of hers. Amiran's gorgeous eyes are the windows to her soul.

WORD- Masti: Intoxication, Mastana: Intoxicated, Vaabasta: Connected to, Afsaane: Tales.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Amiran tells him that he isn’t the sole loner out here. She has been dishonoured in love too. In this city, there are thousands of mad lovers like him.

WORD- Tanha: Lonely, Ulfat: Love, Rusvaa: Dishonor, Deewane – Mad lovers.

Umrao Jaan (a poet and courtesan once said) – “I am just a courtesan in whose occupation love is an existing coin. Whenever we want to entangle anyone we pretend to fall in love with him. No one knows how to love more than we do”.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She is the only one who can serve wine through her eyes. There are a lot of taverns around the world, but none possess the intoxication of her eyes. They capture the imagination of thousands of admirers.

WORD- Mai: Wine, Mayakhaane: Taverns/ A place where wine is sold to travellers.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You are trying to scare the dazzling lamp with these wind storms. But, there are thousands of moths that are attracted to this shining lamp. 

There are thousands of men who wish to drown in the intoxication of her eyes. Umrao Jaan will always shine bright.

WORD- Shamm-e-farozan: Shining lamp, Parvaane: Moths, Aandhi – Wind Storms.


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