Iss Tarah Lyrics

Voice:Clinton Cerejo, Dominique Cerejo,

Movie: Meri Pyaari Bindu

Lyrics: Kausar Munir,

Music Director:Sachin Jigar, YRF Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Iss Tarah describes the complex relationship between Bindu and Abhimanyu, two completely different personalities.

This love isn’t easy and he completely understands this. Bindu is like a river on fire and he has no idea how to swim in it. At the same time, she has no idea how to sink into this fiery river. Bindu loves swimming in these dangerous waters.

WORD- Aasan – Easy, Dariya – River, Tairna – Swim, Samajh – Understand.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

His city is a city of love and affection while her city is one that’s filled with carelessness and negligence. A reference to how their personalities are poles apart.

Bindu is the sun that rises at night and he has no idea how to be awake during this time. Describing his plight, he says this woman is like a sun that doesn’t know how to set/disappear.

WORD- Ulfat – Love/Affection, Gaflat- Carelessness, Guroobna – Sunset.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bindu reckons their stars don’t align. After all, a home can be made only when two roofs join. Even the moon begins to hide when they meet, they can never get hold of it. This despite the windows being open.

FACT- In this verse, Lyricist, Kausar Munir refers to the significance of astrology in romance. The moon and stars determine a couple’s spiritual connection in astrology.

WORD – Chhat – Roof, Taare – Stars, Khidkiyan – Windows.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

And in this manner, sometimes they’re wrong and sometimes they’re right. They wonder if they’re made for each other or not? 

Every place, every direction they look towards, the signs communicate that they probably are meant to be together.

WORD- Iss Tarah – In this manner, Ghalat – Wrong, Sahi – Right, Taraf – Side/Direction.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Like sand, this woman slips through and she can’t be controlled. Abhimanyu admits he has no idea how to stop her while she doesn’t know how to stop herself either. Suggesting that Bindu lives life in the fast lane.

WORD- Ret- Sand, Phisal – Slip, Theharna – Stop.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Once again, he highlights their unique differences. Among these reckless winds that blow across, she keeps revolving crazily like a Phirki (holding reel of a kite) and he wonders why?

He has no idea how to get a hold of her because Bindu is free. While realizing that she herself doesn’t know how to restrain herself. She was born to fly.

WORD- Sarphiri – Reckless, Baandhna – Tie, Thaamna – Contain/Restrain.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bindu accepts that their paths may never meet because their destinations aren’t the same. But they are bound to clash into each other at some point.

Their roads may wander apart and their lanes may eventually change. But one thing that will never change is their affection for each other.

WORD- Takreyengi – Clash, Bhatak – Wander, Badal – Change, Dil- Heart, Raahein  - Paths.


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