Jaane Kaise Lyrics

Voice:Shashwat Singh,

Movie: Coke Studio

Lyrics: Nagesh Prasad,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She is some fairy from the moon, is it for real or a dream

What an angel of beauty this, that has come close to me

Softly spring has arrived into a deserted autumn

The sweet humming of birds compliments these songs

My life has been filled by the seven colors of the rainbow

A million little stars have lit up in my eyes

Hey friend!

TRIVIA- “I come from a place where I grew up with Western classical music; that is what I was trained in. But later on I found a real love for Indian classical music. So I moved to India, and started studying quite seriously. So it is not so much an arbitrary decision, as it is just two styles that I really enjoy”. - Shankar Tucker – Music composer of the track

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Who knows how, and when, this happened

You were in my sight, now you have entered my heart

You were like a stranger to my eyes

But now you are my heart’s favorite

TRIVIA- Shankar Tucker is an American clarinetist and music composer. He made a mark in the music scene with the popularity of his online music series called "The Shruti Box". The Shruti box features his compositions and was released online on platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud

Dohaz lyrics meaning

As moonlight shone, my heart remembered your face

When the leaves rustled, it brought your memories to me

The monsoon winds today bring your sweet fragrance

These dark clouds are much like your long black hair

TRIVIA- The song is A Cappella. This form of music was originally used in religious music and songs. The origin of a cappella can be traced back to the Renaissance period which started around in the year 1400. It was during this time that music was considered as a tool for personal expression


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