Jaanu Lyrics

Voice:Juggy D, Shivi, Raftaar,

Movie: Behen Hogi Teri

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi, Raftaar,

Music Director:RD Burman, Rishi Rich, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The protagonist says- “My sweetheart, I will sacrifice everything for you. The entire nation knows that we’re together.

WORD- Jaanu – Beloved.

FACT- Jaanu is a refix of Jaanu Meri Jaan from the 1980 movie- Shaan which featured Amitabh Bachchan. RD Burman used the Cymbal in the original version – an ancient percussion instrument which originated in Greece and Egypt. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He accepts that he’s a naive and innocent man. Casually stating that he wishes to make this woman, part of his family. 

He openly tells her family members that she likes her too, so they shouldn’t try and stop them from getting together. Making it clear to her sister too. Not a man with foul thoughts, he promises to uphold her family name across the seven seas. 

WORD- Jija – Sister’s husband, Saala – Brother in Law.

FACT- Saat Samundar – Seven Seas is an ancient phrase used to describe the seven major seas of the world. The term was originally phrased in 2300 BC by Enheduanna – the world’s first author. (Pinterest)

Dohaz lyrics meaning

If need be, he’ll even cook for her. If need be, he’d probably even build a bridge for her- suggesting that he’d go to great lengths to ensure she remains happy. 

Once again, he openly informs her family that, this woman misses him a lot. Eventually, one day he will make her, his missus (wife). Even though he might not be a great cook, he’d still try.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She has something to say amidst all of this – “Don’t measure my worth merely on my looks. Let’s speak of what our hearts wish to convey. 

But he wonders – the person who eventually wins her trust, why would they even utter somebody else’s name? 

Small conversations eventually led to the creation of a beautiful story. He remembers that night when everyone forgot their troubles and enjoyed that splendid, lovely night.

WORD- Tol – Measure, Dastaan – Story, Shaan – Splendid.


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