Radha Lyrics

Voice:Sunidhi Chauhan, Shahid Mallya,

Movie: Jab Harry Met Sejal

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil,

Music Director:Pritam, Sony Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

To Harry, being in love with Sejal and fulfilling promises is extremely difficult. He realizes some people go crazy. 

They end up doing things like leaping from one terrace to another for their loved ones. Suggesting that people go to extreme lengths to fulfill certain promises.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

A lover’s heart has its own, age old unique personality. The philosophers have always said that love will get you into trouble. 

But this fiery youth will never return once it vanishes. The woman with me is a stranger but what’s the fun in living a simple life?

WORD- Tashan – Personality, Gyaani – Philosopher, Siyapa – Trouble, Begaani – Stranger.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I am now your Radha. My beloved, I wish to capture you within my eyes, a little bit more. You too ought to embrace me in your restless dreams a bit more. 

FACT – Radha means - A giver of life and love. A woman who is seen as a symbol of spirituality and soulful energy. 

WORD- Tadapno – Restless.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Harry wonders about this feeling of love. To him it feels like a Tug of War of his emotions. He realizes love will lead him to trouble but his fiery youth wishes to embrace this feeling.

It’s difficult for him to simply douse this fire of love. The both of them will eventually have to burn in this passion.

WORD- Khincha Taani – Tug of War, Jawaani – Youth, Bhujani – Douse.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She’s made a promise to Harry but she didn’t have to express it with words. Her eyes did the talking. 

WORD- Vaada – Promise.


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