Vachari Lyrics

Voice:Jasmine Sandlas,

Artist: Jasmine Sandlas

Lyrics: Jasmine Sandlas,

Music Director:Intense, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Jasmine croons about her current state of mind. Her friends think that she has turned crazy as she always keeps talking about her lover and ponders about him all the time. 

But she requests him to rescue her in this vulnerable moment. Jasmine doesn’t like the way people address her as helpless and crazy. 

WORD- Gallan- Conversation, Shadaen- Crazy, Vachari- Helpless, Channa – Beloved.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She further questions him about his unnecessary tantrums despite the fact that he is well aware that he is the only one for her, her heart belongs to him. Jasmine wonders if he has any issues being with her?

WORD- Nakhre- Tantrums, Pareshani- Problem.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Jasmine is scared and wonders if he’s playing around with her? She might actually go mad listening to his excuses.

Jasmine has been accepting them for far too long, she might end up alone if she continues to accept the excuses that he keeps making on a regular basis.

WORD- Khajjal- Mad, Jhalli- Lunatic, Laare- Excuses, Kalli- Alone

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Jasmine holds this person very dear to her heart. She believes he is as special as an ornament is to women. She lovingly requests him to pay heed to her story. 

Asking him to take her away with him, realizing that she belongs nowhere else. For quite some time, Jasmine has been attempting to get his attention. 

WORD- Gehne- Ornaments, Shikari – Hunter.


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