Jhumritalaiyya Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Singh and Mohan Kanan,

Movie: Jagga Jasoos

Lyrics: Neelesh Misra,

Music Director:Pritam, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Jagga says his village resembles the town Jhumri Telaiya while she seems like a person from Timbuktu – a city in Mali, Africa. Timbuktu is also used as a metaphor to describe a place that’s extremely far away.

Jagga believes that people who wish to truly meet each other, end up meeting. Despite the distance. Even if later on, they disappear from each other’s lives. 

FACT- Jhumri Telaiya is a town in Jharkhand known for its people and their love for music. In the 1950’s, since there were no TV’s, numerous people from the town began to send song requests to Radio Ceylon. 

They were fascinated to hear their favourite songs and their name on the radio. Jagga suggests that he’s a man who loves music.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

A story will but obviously unfold since the both of them crashed into destiny.

WORD- Kismat – Destiny, Qissa – Story.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bit by bit, the world now seems to be getting better than before. Jagga feels like his heart is finally beginning to listen to his wishes like an obedient servant. 

Almost as if, it bows down and asks Jagga what he desires in this moment?

WORD – Behtar – Better, Naukar O Chakar – Servant, Aarzoo – Desires.


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