Kalliyan Kulliyan Lyrics

Voice:Imad Shah, Saba Azad,

Movie: Super Singh

Lyrics: Veet Baljit,

Music Director:Jatinder Shah , Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Vaari vaari varsi khatan gaya si Khat ke leyandi chandi means –“When the boy turned 12, he was set out to earn a living for himself” – an age old Punjabi folk song.

The ladies reckon that female monkeys are better off since they can partake in weddings without any tension. Sarcastically stating that rather than enjoying the occasion, they’re pressurized by the work load during such grand weddings.

WORD- Vandri – Female monkey, Chandi – Silver/Money.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Super Singh assures her that all arrangements have been made. He’s hired a famous wedding planer from the city of Ludhiana and also invited the best musical group to play some great melodies.

WORD – Sada Aanda – Invited.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh now boasts of his networks and contacts in city of Moga (Punjab). He even knows some people in Konkeya – a town in Jharkhand. 

Such is his reputation that he could get help from places near and far. So his beloved need not worry.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh has made all arrangements for the wedding and everything is set. He’s got the entire house painted with a fresh coat.

WORD- Kalliyan – the first coat of paint that is applied on walls, Vyah – Wedding.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Singh has ensured he’s kept the bar well-arranged so that his uncle doesn’t create a scene, as he usually does after drinking at every wedding. He also praises his brother in law, who’s the boss when it comes to social events.

WORD- Theke – Bar, Chacha – Uncle.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

But he’s also worried looking at his beloved. She seems stressed because she wants the wedding to be a hit. 

She’s gone crazy and he wants her to relax for a bit, since everything has been arranged properly. 

WORD- Matt Maari – Crazy, Fikran – Tension.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Further, he’s also booked a female singer to entertain everyone. Singh has people who constantly help him and he’s even harvested the fields before the grand wedding. 

The bride is relieved upon hearing this and eventually lifts her veil and starts to sing Punjabi folk songs.

WORD – Kanak – Wheat crop , Boli – Punjabi folk song.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Lastly Singh refers to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s demonetization policy. Even though there’s a problem in getting new notes from the banks, he’s still managed to get it done somehow.


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