Kar Gayi Chull Lyrics

Voice:Badshah, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar, Neha Kakkar,

Movie: Kapoor and Sons

Lyrics: Badshah, Kumaar,

Music Director:Badshah, Sony Music India,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Kar Gayi Chull is a dance anthem where the guy talks about how pretty a girl is. He finds her so gorgeous that she has turned him crazy. She’s a tease and entices the men into thinking that she’s attracted to them.

In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Badshah spoke about Kar Gayi Chull – “The word Chull is a very North Indian word. It means teasing. It’s particularly a very NCR word” (New Delhi and Delhi).

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her dusky complexion has maddened him, and she isn’t just a girl but a burning sensation. He feels dumbstruck and keeps wondering what to say, but ends up saying nothing at all. He believes it’s better to maintain silence and observe this woman.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

When she dances in, her moves rock everybody from Delhi to London. She moves her body like Raveena Tandon, a famous Bollywood actress from the 90’s. Raveena, a great dancer, was part of numerous chart topping songs in the 90’s. 

She’s about to set fire to the dance floor, she’s all dressed up, as she fascinates everybody. It feels like they’ve all just heard a gunshot as she turns heads in an instant. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her tantrums feel exotic, and she always lives inside her bubble filled with ego. She keeps flaunting her style. He finds her so gorgeous that she has turned him crazy.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

This woman keeps moving her waist from left to right, and it is hard for him to understand the physics behind it. Her movements are unreal. Even the great Albert Einstein would have probably been impressed.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She chimes in, bragging about her expensive, high fashion sandals. As a consequence of all the expensive things she wears, and her beauty, all the boys land at her feet when she wants them to.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She claims that all the other girls are mere local birds, while she is the nightingale of the club. Suggesting that she’s foreign in her ways of life. 

WORD- Bulbul – Nightingale- is a bird that’s predominantly found in the tropical regions of Asia. They can be located in Hong Kong, Thailand, Andaman Islands, Japan, Africa and the Middle East. 


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