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Movie: Album- Jhoothe by Nirmika

Lyrics: Nirmika,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Your actions have an effect on us too. Why dont you ask?

Words hesitate to come out, knees seem to go weak. Just ask me

Walking step by step, I now find myself soaring

No one can clip the wings of this free bird now

CONTEXT- This song talks about the most treasured phase of life, childhood. As a grownup you have this desire to travel back in time and relive those moments. Childhood meant simplicity. As we grow up we tend to complex things. But we all have the child hidden inside us. We ought to bring it out and start seeing the world again in its entirety and simplicity

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Those toys that symbolize my dreams. Have now started making me restless

The simple pleasures of life. They seem childlike

CONTEXT- Nirmika continues with the childhood references. As children, we were never intimidated. We always dreamt big. 30 years from now, we will be more disappointed by the opportunities that we never took than by the ones that we took. People are so scared to lose that they don’t even try. Be a DOER

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Hide and seek, catch me if you can. Let’s play those games again

Making plans and not standing up to them. Let’s stop doing that now

I am no stranger, not even crazy

Then why punish me like this, what crime have I committed

Dohaz lyrics meaning

A little bit of the sky and a little bit of water. Mix them up

Add some lovely sunrays to it and drink this sweet juice of life again

CONTEXT- Singer, Nirmika talks about embracing nature and its infinite beauty that comes with it. The simple pleasures of life. At times we tend to forget that Nature is not a destination to reach but our home. Rather than being imprisoned by our personal desires, we must embrace nature in its entirety. It has music for those willing to listen


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