Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Singh,

Movie: Raabta

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya,

Music Director:JAM8, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan, Shiv pours his heart out. Now he can’t worship and cherish Saira like before. 

What is devotion if one can no more serve their loved one?  If he has to eventually live life without her, what kind of life is he living?

WORD- Sajda- Submissive towards God’s worship, Bandagi – Devotion.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ultimately, their affection towards each other, what did it result in? The story of two hearts that have separated, now echoes in the air, all around. The both of them had to endure a long period of being apart. 

WORD- Rang Laaya – Result of, Goonje – Echo, Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan – Long period of separation.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her impression exists in his memories. But he wonders why Saira doesn’t exist in his destiny? His innocent and foolish heart looks for intimacy by looking at her pictures.

WORD- Nishan- Impression, Taqdeer- Destiny, Nadaan-  Foolish and innocent, Qurbat – Closeness/Intimacy.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He knows it will be impossible to forget her. Even the lord has now witnessed how two lovers ended up destroying one another. This period of separation will be a long one.

WOORD- Tabahiyan – Destruction, Khudaya - Lord.


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