Main Kaun Hoon Lyrics

Voice:Meghna Mishra,

Movie: Secret Superstar

Lyrics: Kausar Munir,

Music Director:Amit Trivedi, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Main Kaun Hoon describes a young girl’s dream to be a singing sensation but circumstances force her to conceal her identity. 

“Someone please let me know where I am. Someone tell me about my whereabouts. The path that I’m on, is it right or wrong? Should I begin my journey?”

WORD – Pata – Whereabouts, Dagar – Path, Safar – Journey. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I am scared of my dreams because they may eventually get ruined. I am scared of my own people, they might end up deceiving me. 

WORD – Tabaah – Ruin, Dagaa – Deception/Fraud.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Am I the moon or the scars on it? Am I fire or the ashes? Am I a droplet or the waves that keep flowing? Am I peace or am I about to create havoc?

WORD – Daag – Scar, Raakh – Ashesh, Lehar – Waves, Kehar – Havoc, Sukoon – Peace.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

“Someone please tell me who am I truly? Why do I exist in this moment? Do I not have belief in myself and my existence? In the end, what difference will it make?”

In this magnanimous world, the little girl at times feels if her existence makes any kind of difference? She might not know it but it makes a huge difference. Her singing touches hearts. 

WORD – Yaqeen – Belief, Farak – Difference.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On whose shoulder am I supposed to cry on? What if I make a mistake? Who am I supposed to wait for on these lonely roads? What if I forget my whereabouts?

WORD – Kandhon – Shoulder, Khataa – Mistake.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Should I speak the truth or keep quiet? Should I open up my heart or break it into pieces? Should I push the limits or stop right now? Can I be adamant or should I just leave it all behind?

WORD – Hadd – Limit, Zidd – Adamant.


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