Mann Kasturi Lyrics

Voice:Amit Kilam, Rahul Ram and Himanshu Joshi,

Movie: Masaan

Lyrics: Varun Grover,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Not even the pure sweet water of the river

Could bridge the gap between this side and the other

TRIVIA-With these lines the writer wants to talk about the discrimination that still lies around in our society when it comes to caste, gender, religion. He says that even the pure water of the river Ganga cannot help in getting rid of this divide that we humans have created.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The heart is like the Kasturi, and this world a show

That doesn’t get closure.

The musk-deer looks for its own essence, but cant find it

Cant find the answer to the torn sheet of existence

WORDS-Dasturi – program/show,Paiband : A patchwork,Chaadar: A sheet of cloth

TRIVIA- Musk Deer also known as Kasturi is an endangered specie that lives in the Himalayas. The lyricist compares a persons pursuit of happiness to that of a Musk Deer who endlessly looks for the source of the scent, which in fact comes from within the Deer itself.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

It moves around like a broken verse

This is impossible to compose into poetry

Like a revolving top, keeps searching for its own axis

WORDS-Chhand – verse, dohon – poem, lattoo – top

TRIVIA- The movie is set in present day Varanasi, which is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city has been home to people since 1200 BC when the Iron Age in India began. There are close to 23,000 temples in Varanasi.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The process of growing up is a mystery

The old people told us this

That if we see it upside down

Even the sky resembles a deep valley

The lyricist talks about maturing in life. Most people age and dont really grow. The world is what we perceive it to be. The sky resembles infinity and energy. But a pessmist could view it as a deep trecharous valley upside down.

WORD-Purkhon – old people/ancestors

Dohaz lyrics meaning

If you manage to look beyond what destiny looks like with a blind/pure heart

The doors of this seven coloured world will open without much effort

And then the heart will dance like a mad man

In lunatic fashion


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