Meet Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Singh,

Movie: Simran

Lyrics: Priya Saraiya,

Music Director:Sachin Jigar, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The heart feels like a blank page on which a poem has just been penned. It feels like the first showers of the monsoon with love raining all over. 

WORD- Kore – Blank, Panne – Page, Ghazal – Poem.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

After searching for that special person in all directions possible, he found a loyal companion in Simran. 

She’s now the life and soul of a certain someone and that person has now finally realized this. 

WORD – Wafaa – Loyal.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Simran is the only true friend he has right now. She’s his one and only beloved. This woman is like that song which one never forgets to hum. Like a song that’s always on one’s lips and never fades away. 

WORD – Meet – Friend, Preet – Beloved, Labon – Lips, Judaa – Separate.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

When he opens his eyes in the morning, all he sees is her face. Simran is like the pleasant morning sunlight and he wishes to adorn his world with her positive presence. 

When she laughs at the smallest and trivial conversations, his life always ends up with a smile. Simran brings a positive vibe whenever she’s around.


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