Meri Pyaari Ammi Lyrics

Voice:Meghna Mishra,

Movie: Secret Superstar

Lyrics: Kausar Munir,

Music Director:Amit Trivedi, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Meri Pyaari Ammi, Zaira Wasim pays tribute to her mother who is a little cute but also a little strict with her. She’s a cool mom but she is also traditional and old school in her ways. 

WORD – Karari – Strict, Purani – Traditional. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her mom is like a cool drink that that helps her keep calm during a hot summer day. She is like a thick warm blanket that one craves for during the winters. Suggesting that her mother protects her during the tough times. 

WORD – Sharbat – Cool drink, Kambal – Blanket.

FACT – Ammi which means Mother is a term used in India, Pakistan, Egypt and various other Arabian countries.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

When she is in trouble, it’s her mother who ends up crying. When she’s happy, her mom still carries out all her responsibilities like drying her clothes. 

With a single teardrop, her mother weaves her precious blessings. Like every daughter, she considers herself extremely lucky to have a mother like her. 

WORD – Piroti – Weave, Dupatta – Women’s clothing.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

At times, her mother behaves practically. But there are times when she gets emotional as well. When her mother laughs, all her troubles disappear in an instant. 

WORD – Sayani – Practical, Tal Jaaye – Disappear. 

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Her mom is like the master key who unlocks every single door of destiny and fortune.  In her dreams, she ended up giving her precious box of dreams to her mom. 

She knows her mother is the one who will eventually help her realize these special dreams.

WORD – Kismat – Destiny, Baksa – Box/Trunk.


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