Murshida Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Singh,

Movie: Begum Jaan

Lyrics: Rahat Indori,

Music Director:Anu Malik, Times Music, Junglee Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Murshida portrays the pain that love brings along sometimes. The first condition is separation because love is nomad. Someone has knocked on the doors of his heart. 

Is it her or loneliness? He had forgotten her, but now her memories come flashing back. Addressing her as his guide, he asks her to help him. Calling her his friend, he eventually bids her goodbye.

WORD- Shart: Condition, Harjaai: Nomad, Dastakh: Knock, Murshida: Spiritual guide.

FACT- Murshida is Sufism refers to a Spiritual guide. A person who helps someone walk on the path of divine light (Noor). The process of moving from ignorance and egoism to faith and understanding.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

In his hands are withered flowers. What he had wished for was a season of love. The person whom he expected to heal his wounds, in fact ended up hurting him. This time, the dew drops have ignited a fire within his heart. 

WORD- Zakhm: Wounds, Marhamm: Ointment, Oas: Dew.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Now every moment is barren. Even today he wishes for her. Meeting her was written in his destiny. Separating from her was a conspiracy. The one he had been dreaming about, eventually made him lose sleep.

WORD- Banjar: Barren, Saazish: Conspiracy, Khwaaish: Desire.


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