Naach Meri Jaan Lyrics

Voice:Kamaal Khan, Nakash Aziz, Dev Negi,Tushar Joshi,

Movie: Tubelight

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya,

Music Director:Pritam, Sony Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Naach Meri Jaan celebrates brotherhood. To Laxman, Bharat is his “Ace of Spades” – the strongest card in the entire deck of cards. He is as important as hitting a six in cricket. 

Bharat fulfils all of Aladdin’s wishes like how the Jinn (Genie) fulfils Aladdin’s wishes. Without his brother, Laxman is incomplete.

WORD- Hukum ka ikka – Ace of Spades, Adhura – Incomplete.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bharat now expresses his gratitude for Laxman – “You’re the coin which helps me make a bid for life. One thing is for sure, you’re a generous man. You taught me that I am no less than anyone else. You gave me the recipe for living life

WORD – Boli – Bid, Sikka – Coin, Dildaar – Generous, Nuskha – Recipe.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Dance with delight and joy my darling. Leave behind all the “ifs and buts” and dance

WORD- Nach Meri Jaan – Dance my darling, Kintu Parantu – Ifs and buts, Magan – Delight.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Leap across and touch the heavenly skies. Leave behind all the ifs and buts. 

WORD – Chhalaange – Leap, Gagan – Sky.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Their relationship is like a string which is attached to a kite. Both of them help each other reach greater heights. They’re inseparable.

Laxman cannot take even another step forward, if he gets separated from his brother. Such is their bond.

WORD- Rishta – Relationship, Dori – String, Patang – Kite, Kadam – Step.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Laxman is extremely close to his brother. He always looked out for him and gave him the recipe for living life. Like the strong winds, they shall make a hole in the dark clouds and come out stronger.

WORD- Palkon mein bithaya – To care for someone close, Chhed – Make a hole, Pawan – Wind, Ghata – Cloud.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

If Bharat is the shining moon in the sky, he’s his star that shines bright. The night sky is only complete when the moon and stars are seen.  

When they win, they win together. But when they’re alone, they lose. Even winning feels like losing.

WORD- Aasmaan – Sky, Jhilmila – Shining, Chandaa – Moon, Sang – Together.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You set up the table and educated me on courage. You gave me the recipe for living life. Now you must learn to embrace cheerfulness and happiness. Leave behind all the ifs and buts.

WORD- Pahaada – Table, Himmat – Courage, Zinda dili – Cheerfulness.


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