Nadaan parindey Lyrics

Voice:Mohit Chauhan, AR Rahman,

Movie: Rockstar

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil,

Music Director:AR Rahman, Prod by T Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Hey innocent bird, come back home

You naïve drifter, return to your nest

Trivia- Ranbir Kapoor’s role as Jordan is loosely based on director, Imtiaz Ali’s friend who used to reside in Pitam Pura, a neighborhood in Delhi. Imtiaz said “Jordan’s character is like a falcon because of his sturdiness and restlessness. There is a fire inside him that he is not able to vent. He deals with it alone, never finding a way. This reference has been used throughout the film

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Why wander from the land to the seas

Your state – pitiable, tired

Why roam from one country to another

You, premature nomad

BANJARA- (Nomads) is also a class of Nomadic people who reside throughout the Indian subcontinent. They are descendants of the Roman gypsies who migrated from Europe to Afghanistan and finally to Rajasthan and other parts of India

Dohaz lyrics meaning

A hundred wounds and pains lie all over your body

Every act of yours is maligned, tainted with sins

TRIVIA- The lyrics of every song in the movie has been penned by Irshad Kamil, an Urdu poet who has a PhD in Urdu and Hindi poetry

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Much as you sear through the wind with your wings

You can’t escape your own self

Whether you rupture the skies, or burn down the worlds

You can’t hide yourself

Whichever path you may choose, you will find yourself homeless

And you will finally return to your own home

TRIVIA- Music producer of this album, A.R.Rahman has won the Oscar’s twice and sold more than 150 million copies of his musical works worldwide

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Crow, o bird, I have one request to make of you

Carefully pick the flesh off my body

Don’t eat away my eyes, spare my eyes

For I still hope to see my beloved

These last lines can be interpreted in multiple ways. The poet urges scavenger birds that prey on dead bodies to eat all but his eyes. This is because either the poet hopes for his lover to come bid adieu to him in his final moments, and wants to retain his sight to be able to see his lover one last time.

Or, more appropriately in the case of this movie, the poet wishes to retain his eyes so that he can see his lover on the other side of death, in heaven where she awaits him having reached there before him


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