Tragedy Mein Comedy Lyrics


Artist: Naezy

Lyrics: Naezy,

Music Director:Sez,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Our country’s circumstances are real funny

There’s nothing much left to do but laugh

The only cure to all the tragedy that transpires

We’ve cried a lot, lets laugh for a bit

Whenever someone fools you

Why don’t you smile a bit?

Comedy within all this tragedy

CONTEXT- Naezy spoke to about what the song means to him, “India is the largest democracy in the world but there’s a huge percentage of our population who are poor and underprivileged. The whole system is hollow and corrupt. The hundreds of issues are what the tragedy is. But one can do nothing but smile. So there’s a lot of comedy in our tragedy”, he said

Dohaz lyrics meaning

As the first rays of the sun show up from the sky

Injustice continues to prevail here on the ground. The dark night passes

The ants run from their holes to trouble the elephant

Obey them and you’ll benefit, don’t and you get punished

Pay the penalty

CONTEXT- In the third line, Naezy refers to elephants being scared of ants. This is actually true. The inside of an elephant’s trunk is soft and extremely sensitive to thousands of biting ants that crowd up into it. Hence elephants try and stay away from trees that have a colony of ants reisiding in them.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

In pursuit of happiness, but get hit with sadness

Can’t do nothing about it. Why is that?

No rest and peace out here

The lamps of the heart can’t be lit

Let’s whiten the darkness around

Where’s light in these hearts

Where’s the black money lying? In the holes, where snakes reside

CONTEXT- Tragedy turning into comedy is a Yin and Yang concept. Yin is the dark area while Yang means sunny place. It describes how two opposite forces are in fact connected. The more they’re interrelated, the more they rise with each other. In this song, Naezy talks about how within all the tragedy that’s around us, we somehow find comic relief in it. Both are interconnected. The concept originated in ancient Greek theatre

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Playing the flute, wish they’ll return it back

Into the holes as if someone will bite you

They have sharp teeth

Numerous dark secrets hidden

Thorns that poke, blossom here everyday

Who are we supposed to blame?

TRIVIA- Speaking about how the song was created, Naezy told Dohaz, “AIB was about to launch a show that talked about some serious issues. They were searching for a title track. At the time, Khamba’s (comedian at AIB) cousin Uday was managing me at OML.

“He suggested my name to them. I had a meeting with Uday, Vijay and Tanmay Bhat. They explained the concept and I immediately wrote a scratch. They liked it and we recorded the track at Cotton Press studio. Sez made the beat and mix mastered the track”

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bodies sleep on the street with their heads on the ground

Not everyone has a house

There is food on the plate. But half of it is missing

No humanity in sight. Like free birds with no wings

Suppressed our voices for long, Time to make a statement, don’t be scared

CONTEXT- Naezy talks about how India continues to ignore the poor who don’t even have a proper house to live in. According to the Sen Committee report of 2011, 93 million people lived in slums. It was 52 million in 2001. This number is expected to increase to 105 million by 2017. That’s around 9 percent of the entire country’s population who will be living in slums

Dohaz lyrics meaning

There’s nothing much left to do but laugh

The only cure to all the tragedy that transpires

We’ve cried a lot, lets laugh for a bit

Whenever someone fools you

Why don’t you smile a bit?

Comedy within all this tragedy

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Not one problem but a thousand to count

Everyday there’s a new issue. It’s like a reservoir of problems

The one’s supposed to help are themselves engaged in brutality

And attempts go unnoticed here. The news is a lie

Government’s promises are a lie. Common people are victims of deceit

A woman walking back home and her abduction is usual

The helpless poor are hard-pressed, saviour and predator are all one

What can the common man do after all?

WORD- Bhakshak – Predator

CONTEXT- Unlike Jay Z who only has 99 problems to deal with - Naezy talks about how numerous problems face India. The issues are deep rooted and any attempt to try and solve it will get you into trouble


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