O Sathi Re Lyrics

Voice:Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Bhardwaj,

Movie: Omkara

Lyrics: Gulzar,

Music Director:Vishal Bhardwaj, Nachiketa Chakraborty, Prod by Eros Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

O beloved, May the day never end

Come, let’s put the day on hold

Let’s chase sunshine

May the shadows never touch us, O beloved

TRIVIA- The female singer in this track- Shreya Ghoshal was recently honored by the U.S state of Ohio. The governor of the state declared 26th June as “Shreya Ghoshal Day”

Dohaz lyrics meaning

When the tired, weary sun, passes over by the river

If it steps on the green moss, it would slip

You keep it stopped; while I’ll lay out the trap

You sling it over your shoulder; I’ll provide support with my hand

Dont let the sun set

FACT- most of the dialogues in the movie are spoken in “Khariboli”, a western Hindi dialect spoken in Uttar Pradesh and some surroundings parts of Delhi. The language gained importance due to Persian influence and was regarded as a prestige dialect

Dohaz lyrics meaning

This is our promise to each other,

Sworn between our teeth,

We’ll never leave each other

O dearest, my dearest, don’t ever leave

TRIVIA- Gulzar, the lyricist of this song, talks about the musical form of this song. Here is an excerpt from the book –“In the Company of a Poet” by Nasreen Munni Kabir

"Sanchaari is a Bengali form of music that he (Vishal Bhardwaj) and I have discussed many times. He used it in the Omkara song, O Saathi Re. The Sanchaari allows you to go away from the antara [the second stage of a musical composition] and later return to it"

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Sometimes we’ll do it this way, I’ll chide you and you pretend to get scared

To an extent that sweet water may flow from your eyes

I’ll be so close to you as though stitched into your muscular body

And if you so much as turn on a side, I’ll get bruised

TRIVIA- One of the tracks from the movie- "Beedi" was in fact used as the theme song by a Brazilian TV soap opera called Caminho das Índias , meaning “ India – A love story”. One of the most watched shows on Brazilian television

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I’ll take you with me

Mine and yours is an eternal engagement

You and I will always be together

You’ll be by my side forever, O dearest


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